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Twinkle is a certified (RYT 500 Hrs) teacher of Yoga by Yoga Alliance USA, The Ministry of Ayush (India) and Sri Sri School of Yoga.
As a certified Yoga coach, I have been teaching meditation for the past 16 years. My interest and expertise in the subject has contributed to the transformation of thousands of lives and that has been a truly humbling experience.
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Going inward, beyond your five senses leads you to experience thoughtlessness… like never before.

A chance to rediscover yourself and your health. Experience the delights of Yoga Aasnas, Pranayams, Meditations & Healing in the midst of Nature. 

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Twiinkle is one of the best teachers I have had. She has always steered me in the right direction, no matter which phase of life I'm in. I have had the privilege to learn yoga & meditation with her. Alongside, I've learnt some valuable life lessons from her that make me who I am today.

Shiv Chaudhari

What I am and what I’ve become is all because of her. Not because she taught me things in a different way (she obviously did teach me a lot) but I learnt a lot by the way she lives her life itself.
I’d suggest her to anyone and everyone because she’s simply the best!

Apeksha C
masters student in interior design from Milan

Twiinkle is my first teacher. She’s one of the most positive, friendliest and understanding teachers that I’ve come across. The meditation taught by her has helped me evolve as a person. She has always been there to guide and motivate me.

Heli G
Interior Designer

Twiinkle has always been there at the RIGHT time. Her intuition, knowledge of the Upanishads, and cool yoga asanas makes me want to learn more and more.

She has been instrumental in our organisation and brought the best out of each. May it be small children, strict professionals, delicate old ones - she has the knack to deal with all.

Dharmishta G
business owner of Shashi Organic and natural Pvt ltd
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