Free Yoga Online

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One month free trial of beginners yoga flow.
Live classes start from 29th May, 7 am – 8 am (every alternate day)
Instructions in Hindi & English

The online class schedule is:

29th May – Dive into the yoga flow
31st May – Ease into every asana
2nd June – A deeper dive
4th June – Stretch your spine
6th June – Feel alive with Surya namaskar
8th June – Strengthen the abs or core
10th June – Sukshma Vyayaam or Subtle yoga flow
12th June – Stretch into your sides
14th June – Total body flow
16th June – Breath & body flow
18th June – Detox flow
20th June – Pranayam techniques

Register once for all your classes. Each class is for 60 mins.

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