Yoga & Meditation in Mumbai

Meditative Yoga

It’s a beautiful fusion of practicing Ashtanga & Hath yoga.

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Yoga for Teens

Anxiety, fear, insecurity, and pressure brings down the flow of prana, resulting in emotional upheaval.  Through yoga, changes can be made in the rhythm of body and breath, bearing the fruits of stillness, focus, vitality, efficiency and more.

Yoga for Corporates

Being a professional myself I am aware of the challenges each one faces in the work environment. In order to reach a better work life balance, achieve optimum health, and productivity I offer a workshop intrinsically designed for Corporates.

This workshop for helps them relax and be efficient at the same time through different forms of yoga and meditation.

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Meditation relaxes your mind and increases your focus and efficiency in day to day life.  Meditation brings you closer to yourself and nature. Know yourself better by going inward, beyond all your five senses through meditation. Experience thoughtlessness.

Here is a sitting meditation, intended to enrich your daily life with consistent practice.


It is generally defined as controlling the flow of your breath or prana or life-force. It brings vitality, steadiness, awareness in your body and mind. A unique pranayama workshop is taught depending on the person’s readiness of body and mind.

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